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I wanted to ensure I avoided dealing with migration errors/assistant as much as possible. Lucky for us, Swift is a powerful language. We can define an extension pactMap for any version below 4. Use this method to receive an array of non-optional values when your transformation produces an optional value. In this example, note the difference in the result of using map and compact Map with a transformation that returns an optional Int value.

One way of transforming values in Swift is by mapping a collection into an array of new values, using a transform. The Swift standard library offers three main APIs for that kind of mapping — map, flatMap and compactMap. Let’s take a look at how they work. 28/05/2019 · The compactMap method lets us transform the elements of an array just like map does, except once the transformation completes an extra step happens: all optionals get unwrapped, and any nil values get discarded. This is useful whenever you have an array of things you need to convert, but the. Backward compatibility for `compactMap` in Swift 4.0. - shim-swift-4-1.swift. Backward compatibility for `compactMap` in Swift 4.0. - shim-swift-4-1.swift. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. BasThomas / shim-swift-4-1.swift. Although Swift 4.1 brought many improvements to Swift, it was intended to be source compatiblewith Swift 4.0, so most improvements where purely additive. But one notable exception was therename from flatMap to compactMap. I always thought Swift’s old flatMap on arrays andother sequences was somewhat of an annoyance, as it never really was a. For several versions Swift has mapand flatMap. However, in Swift 4.1, you can no longer apply flatMapto a sequence of values and still pass a closure, which returns an optional value. For this, there is now a method compactMap. At first it may not be so easy to understand the essence of innovation.

CompactMap is a combination of map and filter. Learn how it takes a closure that returns some type. Like map it may be a different type from the collection originally contained. However, the return type of the closure is an Optional. So if the closure returns nil it filters it out. In that way, it maps and filters. Prior to the Swift 4.1 I used flatMap to remove nil values from collections. Now this method is deprecated and I need to replace it with compactMap. Sometimes I used flatMap with lazy collections to. Swift 4.1 中引入了一个“新”函数 compactMap,在这里给大家介绍一个迁移的小技巧。 compactMap 的由来 在开始之前,先简单介绍一下 compactMap 的由来,我们都知道之前 flatMap 有两个重载版本,第一.

A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa - Carthage/Carthage.

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